Custom Smart Home
save space while increasing comfort


Lack of space

You know the problem: Hotel rooms are usually very limited in space. Everything that a temporary home needs must be accommodated in as little space as possible. The guest should, of course, feel comfortable because he should come back and leave a good rating.


Waste of space

Much space in hotel rooms is often occupied by tables. In addition to the obligatory bedside table, a dining table, a coffee table next to the seating area, a desk for working and a side table for lamps, vases and similar things are required. This unnecessarily takes up a lot of space!


Save space

There is a solution to this problem! Custom Smart Home by EVE collection. The individual manufacturer produces exclusive tables that offer more possibilities than you are accustomed to. Instead of each a table for working, for eating, for putting your feet up and for placing your belongings, you only need one table that may be used for all of this.


Increase comfort

The exclusive tables are available with different functions, according to your wishes. Choose a version with smooth height adjustment and hidden castors. This leads to a table that can be moved freely and uncomplicated in the room and can easily be adjusted to the desired height. This way you significantly increase the quality of your living comfort while saving space at the same time. Win win!