Die Geschichte von Ilse Technik


Ilse Technik has an exciting history to offer. When the company xx years ago its focus on the design and manufacture of mechanics, the so-called Smart Mechanics lays, are already over 100 years of history behind him. Scroll through old recordings from more than 120 years of company history!





This story begins in 1890 in Uslar near Göttingen. Woodworking is the focus of Ilse Technik at this time. By hand, elaborate furniture made of precious woods - the operation is growing fast. The following picture shows excerpts from the catalog for lamp tables in 1939.





"Comfortable living - above all, this means the creation of a cozy living area that - like an island - no longer touches everyday life with its disagreements and worries."


The following illustration is a part of the catalog from 1950, when Ilse celebrates its 60th anniversary. Successfully noble wooden furniture is made, which is popular throughout Europe.







"60 years of experience in the field of individual furniture production and a tireless pursuit of the highest degree of perfection have given the Ilse products everywhere a special validity."


On the occasion of the 60th anniversary in 1950, the numerous employees were photographed in front of the Ilse Möbelwerk, as the following photograph impressively shows.







The success of the Ilse individual furniture remains unrestrained. The company continues to grow and is gaining more and more lovers around the world.


"Miss Ilse looks forward to leading you through this great show full of beautiful small and individual furniture, without which a cultured and comfortable living is no longer conceivable today."





In addition to the tradition, the progress at Ilse is not too short. The assortment of individual furniture was first extended in 1953 to include so-called "Tonmöbel", then a few years later also to television furniture.


"Dance into the sky with Ilse ..."





Although Ilse's focus is wood processing, production does not stop at other materials. At the beginning of the 1960s, Ilse for the first time offered ornate iron furniture for gardens, terraces and balconies.


"Elated iron - especially elegant outdoor furniture"





At the same time, more precisely in 1962, the successful cooperation with Stabilus, a manufacturer of gas springs, begins today. The gas springs form the basis for the new lifting mechanisms from Ilse and the first height-adjustable tables are created.


"ilse-lift ... this is real table comfort, the table top glides up gently and is braked in the desired position, no cranking, no pressing, the ilse-lift mechanism effortlessly raises the table top, and your table fulfills a new purpose. "





ilse lifts shine with a mechanism that requires no maintenance for life. At this time, Ilse is considered Europe's largest individual furniture manufacturer. The following picture shows an advertisement from the 1960s.


"A million times up and down and no wear, no loss of power"





"ilse STYLE - consistent in form and expressive ornamentation"


In the early 1970s, Ilse defies 'STYLE' of the newly emerging mass-produced furniture industry. The line is based on noble wood furniture that is sophisticated and at the same time timeless.


"ilse STYLE - epitome of stylish living ideas for people who love something special"





Ilse, however, can be different! In the middle of the colorful 70s, Ilse brings to the market modern furniture that reflects the spirit of the time and is especially popular with young families.







Nice sleeping with Ilse! Even the material metal remains current - processed here in a noble bedstead.





At the end of the 70s Ilse launched the program 'Ilse International', which offers artful furniture made of materials from all over the world. Meanwhile, the focus of the company is slowly being placed on the production of coffee tables.


"The world is getting smaller, continents are moving together - the next country? A stone's throw Ilse INTERNATIONAL - a furniture program that overcomes borders"








At the beginning of the 80s, Ilse expanded the range with sauna facilities for hotels and public facilities. The saunas are individually designed, built, delivered and maintained by Ilse for each order.



"The rapid upswing in all walks of life over the past three decades, with its stress, but also with its growing comfort and lack of exercise, has made the sauna a great counterbalance to this health-threatening development, with its ilse sauna being the downside to prosperity and wellness of comfort in such a natural and effective way. "





The specialty of Ilse, the so-called Kombi-Lift, was developed in 1982. The mechanism makes tables height adjustable and extensible at the same time. The operation requires only one hand, as the extending table tops are raised and lowered fully automatically.





With 'Art Concept' Ilse 1985 brings out a thoroughly modern line of coffee tables.


"ART CONCEPT demands different proportions with consistent manufacturing precision. Revolutionary is the new color scheme. Constantinescu teaches us that wood does not have to sink into the brown scale. Nature is colorful! ART CONCEPT depicts them"



Five years later, Ilse becomes part of the Vierhaus group of companies. The companies exploit the synergies of their collaboration and jointly develop the innovative 'Smart Home Furniture' concept, which combines the functional mechanics of Ilse with the qualitative tables from Vierhaus.





In 2002, the successful delivery of the caravan industry begins with special table foot systems, the so-called Smart Caravan Mechanics. Meanwhile, Ilse has been working with almost all well-known caravan and motor home manufacturers in Germany and Europe for more than 15 years.





Another specialty Ilses, the Hydro-Lift, is being developed in 2013. The lift mechanism works exclusively via a gas spring, a lever for adjusting the height is no longer necessary. The table height can be adjusted by simply raising or lowering the table top.





One year later follows the pull-out mechanism 'Tornado'. It is a further development of the 'combi-lift' and is used for thin tabletops. When operating the pull-out mechanism, the extending table top spirals up to the end position. Again, only a single handle is needed.





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